With Nightingale-Alan Medical you get a unique, personal opportunity to experience a regional company with great potential to lead your hospital or business into the future with innovative medical technology.
"Nightingale-Alan has provided everything asked of them including service, support, and training for us to be able to start a Respiratory Therapy Department. The KOKO Spirometry and Merlin software has provided us the tools to easily and accurately perform Pulmonary Functions Tests and be able to connect results directly to our Electronic Medical Record."
- Edward Murphy
Corrections Medical Center, Ohio

"The customer service aspect of having a representative available to assist in staff education has been fantastic!!! On several occasions product education was needed and a knowledgeable representative attended the in-services and taught the staff proper procedures. The representative behaved in a professional manner and was well-versed regarding the equipment they demonstrated. A great experience for all involved."
- Mark Spivak, RN, Advanced Practice Educator Emergency Department
University of Louisville Hospital, Louisville, KY
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